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David Gershon, from Juno award-winners “Judy & David”, and his production team have combined their extensive audio producing, choral producing, and video editing expertise to create an exciting new service. EnsemblesOnline.com offers choirs and bands the opportunity to create beautiful, well-produced videos in this age of physical distancing.

“I just can’t thank you enough for your time, talent, and the care you put into producing our three videos. They are beautiful. I sent them to the choir for a sneak peek and they were amazed, thrilled, moved, and grateful. I know we will want to work with you again… David, you have the patience of a saint. Thank you for dealing with my MANY questions, comments, etc. I wish for you and your family a sweet, healthy, and joyful year.” – Lisa S, Bethesda, MD

What Sets Us Apart

We are not just a post-production facility that decided to start producing choir and band ensembles. We are MUSICIANS like you. We are CHOIR LEADERS like you. We know exactly what steps are needed to help make your videos a success – even if your choir has untrained / amateur voices.

It all starts with the right guide video. Our major competitors charge far more than we do yet they leave out the most important part of the process – creating exceptional video guide tracks for our clients. Your ensemble members watch the guide track video as they record their parts. Our “Turn Key” package includes video guide tracks made for each part of the choir including:

  • Conductor: We place the conductor right on the guide track screen to help ensure the choir uses the same phrasing, etc. This can be our conductor or you can replace it with your conductor.
  • Score: We place the score right on the screen above the conductor for choir members to follow as they are making their video. This makes everything much easier for choir members. It also avoids choir members looking elsewhere at music, making noise turning pages, etc.
  • Professional Backing Track: Our team of Juno award-winning musicians create a great instrumental backing track for your piece – or you can use your own.
  • Professional Audio Guides: For choir videos, each part of the choir receives their very own custom made guide guide track with their choir part expertly sung. So, if it’s a soprano part, the soprano will hear her part in her left headphone and everything else in the right headphone. She can use this to learn her part, practice it, and perform it with the correct phrasing and intonation.
EnsemblesOnline.com Guide Track Video Clip

“Thank you so much! You were so wonderful to work with and my congregation LOVED the videos!” – Donna A, Naples, FL


(Subject to change without notice, but rates will not change once confirmed with clients.)


Our base price for virtual choir videos is $595 USD / $750 CAD per song plus $15 USD / $19 CAD per video input (ie choir member, instrumentalist, etc.). The Basic Package is for choirs that can provide their own guide tracks audio and backing tracks. In our experience, even seasoned choral conductors have had difficulty with this step so we recommend this package only with caution. Here’s what is included:

  • Hosting your guide tracks
  • Providing detailed instructions to your choir
  • Providing links for the guide tracks and links for your choir to upload their videos
  • All sound mixing and standard video editing

We provide additional “a-la-carte” services for $95 USD / $130 CAD per hour such as:

  • Recording professional instrumental tracks (typically around 1 hour for a piano accompaniment track). We can also provide almost any other instrument you may need in the mix.
  • Recording accurate, professional vocal guide tracks (typically around 1 hour)
  • Including the visual score on the guide track video (typically around 1 hour)
  • Recording a professional conductor video (typically around half an hour)
  • Additional / “fancy” editing (depending on what the client is looking for)

“I have CHILLS!!! You really went above and beyond! Can’t thank you enough. It is really incredible. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!!!” – David R, Toronto, ON


This is our most popular package and our most recommended. It includes everything you need to make a successful, beautiful video.

  • Professionally-created, unparalleled guide tracks
  • Professionally-created instrumental backing track (piano)
  • Guide tracks with conductor-on-screen (you or us)
  • Guide tracks with score-on-screen
  • Hosting all video elements
  • State-of-the-art audio engineering
  • Professional video editing with all performers beautifully-presented on screen
  • Additional / “fancy” editing is available at our hourly rate

The cost of our “Turn Key” package, with EVERYTHING you need to create a beautifully-produced ensemble video is far below what our major competitor charges:

Turn-Key Standard (choose from our existing library of guide tracks):
• $650 USD / $795 CDN base fee plus
• $15 USD / $19 CDN per input

Turn-Key Custom (provide us the score to any song and we will create the guide tracks and accompaniment for you):
• $750 USD / $975 CDN base fee plus
• $15 USD / $19 CDN per input

Hourly rates for additional work: $95 USD / $130 CDN per hour

Note: The above rates are for most songs that are under 5 minutes in length. For special lengths and other non-standard quotes, please contact us at ensemblesonline@gmail.com


While larger or more complex projects may take more time, the typical timeline is about 6 weeks:

  • About 2 weeks to create the guide track videos
  • About 2 weeks for your performers to do their videos
  • About 2 weeks for our team to mix sound and edit video

Some of our recent work:

Safe on the Shore by Judy Adelman Gershon and David Gershon. Our team was commissioned by the Cantors Assembly to do the entire project from start to finish: composing the new piece, arranging it for choir, creating the guide tracks, producing the audio, and producing the video.
Miriam’s Song by Debbie Friedman. Our team wrote the arrangement and produced the music. An outside director, Ray Foley, oversaw the beautiful visuals.
“Longing” by Judy Adelman Gershon
Avinu Malkeinu – A new arrangement by Judy Adelman Gershon – Sung by Cantors and Cantorial Soloists from across Canada
“Benediction” by Raymond Smolover. Adapted and performed by Judy Adelman Gershon
“Blow” cover starring Nancy Vincic and friends.
“Heal Us Now” By Leon Sher
“Adon Olam” by Judy Adelman Gershon

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Our Core Team:

David Gershon, Project leader and Video Producer: David is a Juno award-winning musician, composer and producer. He has produced music television series and specials for CBC, Treehouse TV, YTV, and Family Channel. David is also the co-founder and Chair of Education Arts Canada and he is “a little less than half” of the multi-million selling children’s duo, Judy & David.

Jared Gershon, Audio Producer: Jared is currently studying for his Masters degree in Audio Production at the internationally-acclaimed Berklee School of music. Jared previously earned his Bachelor of Music degree from the prestigious music and production program at Humber College. He has composed, produced and arranged music for multiple live concerts, recordings and musical theatre. Jared is also an accomplished drummer and multi-instrumentalist. Jared’s personal website

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Interested? Questions? Contact us at ensemblesonline@gmail.com