Year of Family Engagement
from Judy & David


YoFĒ is… The absolute BEST online Jewish programming for young families, customized for YOUR SYNAGOGUE.


Since Rosh Hashanah, synagogues and day schools from across North America – and from across the Jewish spectrum – have now partnered with us to bring well-produced, engaging programming to their young families. The response has been universal, “OUR FAMILIES WANT MORE!”.

We are now partnering for our upcoming “Purim Party” and Kabbalat Shabbat programs (monthly programs beginning in February).

What does it look like?

See for yourself! Here’s our ChanukahPalooza program as presented in partnership with Rockwern Academy and surrounding congregations. NOTE: Most of our productions are with a single congregation and are usually just recorded by the rabbi on a cell phone, working from our script. It’s simple, quick, and ends up making a great custom video

How does it work?

  1. We script and create fun, engaging, beautifully-produced programs and worship experiences for your young families.
  2. The program is specifically written so that leaders and members of YOUR CONGREGATION become part of the action. You just follow the script we provide and the simple recording instructions (from a phone, tablet, or just about any device). There is even room to customize your parts and make them your own if you like.
  3. We take your videos, pictures of your synagogue, your logo, etc. and edit them into the finished program so that it looks and feels like a high-end family program from YOUR synagogue.

Who are we?

We are Judy Adelman Gershon and David Gershon, otherwise known as “Judy & David”. We have produced two national children’s television series in Canada and have sold over 5 million children’s recordings around the world. Our “Rock N Roll Matzah Ball” CD was the first CD mass distributed by PJ Library. These days we spend most of our time working for non-profit ventures. Judy is the Cantorial Soloist and Music Director of Temple Emanu-El in Toronto and is a well-known composer and arranger of Jewish music. David is the Chair of Education Arts Canada (especially when there is such a thing as live entertainment in the world). We also help synagogues to create virtual musical experiences with EnsemblesOnline (more on that later!). For lots more shameless propaganda on us visit HERE.

What does it cost?

Since we have other synagogue partners, we can create beautifully-produced program elements at relatively low costs per congregation. Our fully-customized package starts at only $400 for a small-sized congretation.

Price Per Program

“Partner” Package: Customized for your synagogue and featuring your building, your rabbi, cantor, or other leadership as part of the video. Includes all common elments, video coaching, video editing, sound editing. and a polished, customized program. You can air and share this program as much as you like.

  • Small Congregations (<250 member units) $400 USD / $500 CDN
  • Medium Congregations (250-500 member units) $500 USD / $650 CDN
  • Large Congregations (>500 member units) $600 USD / $800 CDN
  • For Community-wide productions (for multiple synagogues as part of one production) or to be a Founding Sponsor of the program (with involvement at the initial scripting stage), please contact us.
Take it to the next level with Virtual Choir Videos from your Congregation

Virtual Choir: Take it to the Next Level!

Let us work with you to create virtual choir videos to insert in the program! It’s a fun and very rewarding experience for your young families, synagogue choir, youth group, or others within your congregation. These videos will become treasured showcases of your congregation that you can share on social media and as part of services and programming. We just HAPPEN to be one of the world’s leading producers of virtual choir videos, specializing in Jewish music. See for more information about our virtual choir videos, rates and examples.

Get in touch!

Questions? Interest? Send us a note at and let us know a good time to connect.